The Greener Dairy Farms in Northern Ireland

Last month, the Greener Dairy Farms Group visited Northern Ireland. While there, the group visited the AFBI Hillsborough Research Centre and the Blakiston Houston Estate which both had working anaerobic digesters, the former, for research purposes and the latter, very much for commercial reasons. The Group hoped to discover how this technology might compliment a dairy farm but were surprised…

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Water Conservation & the Greener Dairy Farms Project

Public water charges of €240 per household were recently announced, making water a hot topic of conversation for the last few weeks. On most farms however, this will not be an issue since the majority of farms have their own domestic well. But what happens when the well runs low or dry? In the past few weeks, many areas have experienced water shortages and with the expansion of the national dairy…

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Carbery Greener Dairy Farms Project

Thanks to all those who attended the first official dedicated Greener Dairy Farms Project walk at the farm of Michael and Marguerite Crowley recently. The sun was ‘splitting the rocks’ on the day and we hope that all those who attended the event were both enlightened and lightly tanned!

In this leaflet we aim to keep you, the suppliers updated and give you regular insights into the Greener…

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