January 2019 Newsletter

Milk Price

The milk price for the month of December has been reduced by 1.00 cent per litre. This brings the price to 34.55 cents per litre (157.07 cents per gallon) at 3.60% butterfat and 3.30% protein, including Winter Somatic Cell Count (SCC) bonus of 0.88 cpl and VAT at 5.4%.

The average price paid for the month is 41.00 cents per litre. This is based on the…

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January 2019 Monthly Management

TBC Quality Issues

Some milk suppliers have encountered problems with persistently high TBC readings recently. Many of these readings are above the limit of 50,000 cells/ml however, no evident signs of residues or bacterial growth are found on the milking equipment or bulk tank.

Occasionally, a biofilm can form in the milking machine lines. This biofilm is very difficult to identify…

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