November 2020 Dairy Newsletter

New Appointments; Carbery/Teagasc Monitor Farms; Red Cross Appeal; Awards; Milk Supply Agreement; Minerals Brochure; Drying cows: 10 Top Tubing Tips!

23 November 2020

Milk Price

The milk price for the month of October is unchanged at 33.07 cents per litre (150.34 cents per gallon) at 3.60% butterfat and 3.30% protein, including Summer Somatic Cell Count (SCC) bonus of 0.5 cpl and VAT at 5.4%. This includes 1.0 cent per litre milk price support from the stability fund.

The average price paid for the month is 41.96 cents per litre. This is based on the average butterfat of 4.74% and protein of 3.94%, including SCC bonus and VAT.

New Appointments

Following the announcement of Mr. Seamus Daly as Chief Executive designate, the following appointments have been made to the management team with effect from January 1st, 2021.

Mr. Donal Murphy has been appointed Mill and Operations Manager. Donal has 24 years’ service with the Society and has been Mill Manager since 2001. Mr. Tim Regan has been appointed Dairy and Agri Advisory Manager. Tim has been part of Drinagh Agricultural Advisory service since joining the Society in 2012.

We wish both Donal and Tim well in their new roles.

Carbery/Teagasc Monitor Farms

A new phase of the Carbery / Teagasc Joint Programme is starting in 2021. We are now looking for farmers who are interested in being monitor farmers as part of this. The focus of this programme will be demonstrating profitable, nutrient and environmentally sustainable, dairy farming.

As a monitor farmer you will receive advice on improving these and all aspects of your farming. If you are interested in being a monitor farm please contact Tim or Darren.

Together for Yemen

The “Together for Yemen” fundraising effort is the brainchild of Longford farmer Mike Magan. The fundraising campaign is targeted at dairy farmers to donate the equivalent of one day’s milk from a cow to the Red Cross. Funds raised will be distributed to those affected by war and famine in Yemen. Drinagh has contributed to this fundraising campaign on behalf of all suppliers.

NDC & Kerrygold Quality Milk Awards

L-R Dan Joe, Ann, James, Trish, Clara, William and Alice O’Donovan.

L-R Dan Joe, Ann, James, Trish, Clara, William and Alice O’Donovan

Willam and Dan Joe O’Donovan were national finalists in the 2020 NDC & Kerygold Quality Milk Awards. One of only 11 finalists shortlisted for the award from all over the country, everyone in Drinagh wishes to congratulate William and Dan Joe on their excellent achievement. The overall winner of the award was Richard Starrett from Lifford, Co Donegal.

Milk Supply Agreement

Your current Milk Supply Agreement with the Society expires on the 31st December 2020. Accordingly, all suppliers recently received a new agreement for the period 1st January 2021 to the 31st December 2023.

The new agreement is similar in most areas to the existing agreement except for minor changes, namely the inclusion of the Drinagh/ Carbery Animal Health & Welfare Policy as a condition to collect and purchase your milk, the Volume Forecast which will be completed once for the duration of the agreement as opposed to annually and the inclusion of a note on General Data Protection Regulations ‘GDPR’.

In order to execute the agreement, you must complete and sign Schedule 1 including the volume forecast on page 12 and return the entire agreement to The Central Office by Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.

CellCheck Awards 2020

Pictured L-R Noel, Richard, Ian, Narelle & Ellie Jennings
Pictured L-R Noel, Richard, Ian, Narelle & Ellie Jennings

Richard Jennings pictured above with his family has been recognized for having the overall lowest SCC in Drinagh for 2019.

This is especially impressive as it is Richards second time having the lowest SCC in the Co-op, showing the level of consistency and excellence being achieved on this farm year on year. We would like to congratulate Richard and his family on consistently achieving such high standards in milk quality.

Drinagh Minerals Brochure

The Drinagh Pre-Calver minerals brochure 2020/2021 is included in this months accounts.

Contact your local branch or sales representative for special offers.

Drying cows: 10 Top Tubing Tips!

When it comes to drying off cows, is there enough attention to hygiene? Or is it a case of just get the job done, and breathe a sigh of relief when it is?

Bacteria can sneak in through the open teat end, especially in the early dry period......and they can also be welcomed in by the human, during the process of drying off! Cleanliness is crucial, and especially so if you are using teat seal only at drying off.

  1. Have extra hands on deck, whether you have a big or small herd. The less you have to handle and pick up, the cleaner you will stay.
  2. Clip tails well before you start. A swipe from a dirty tail is a great way to contaminate the area (and if it’s across the face, test your patience!).
  3. Don’t dry off cows during milking. Draft them off once they’re milked, and bring them back in for drying off when the parlour is clean.
  4. Have some breakfast first! Drying off cows can be hard enough with doing it on an empty stomach
  5. Every cow deserves clean gloves.
  6. Mark the cow before you give her any treatment-this reduces the risk of any mistakes later.
  7. Sterilise the teat ends thoroughly before introducing any tube. Use sterilising wipes or cotton wool balls soaked in methylated spirits, whichever you find easier to work with.
  8. Teat seal is meant to stay in the teat! Before you put the tube of seal in, pinch the teat where it joins the udder and don’t massage it up afterwards.
  9. Keep good treatment records, to avoid any mixups when calving starts.
  10. It’s not a race!! If you want to dry off the last cow as well as you did the first cow, then 20 cows is about the most any one person will manage at a time.


  • Drinagh Pre-Calver minerals brochure included in this month’s accounts.
  • Please return your signed Milk Supply Agreement by December 1st, 2020.