April 2019 Newsletter

Milk price, 2018 Trading Bonus, Score Drinagh Spring Diets, Drinagh Brochures, Sustainable Use of Pesticides, TCMs and Chlorine

18 April 2019

Milk Price

The milk price for the month of March is unchanged at 34.12 cents per litre (155.11 cents per gallon) at 3.60% butterfat and 3.30% protein, including Summer Somatic Cell Count (SCC) bonus of 0.5 cpl and VAT at 5.4%.

The average price paid for the month is 36.35 cents per litre. This is based on the average butterfat of 4.15% and protein of 3.28%, including SCC bonus and VAT.

Milk supply for the first 3 months of 2019 is up 7.58% on the same period last year. Milk supply for the month of April so far is 15% approx.. ahead of the same time last year.

2018 Drinagh Trading Bonus

Drinagh Central Hardware

At a recent board meeting, the bonuses for 2018 were approved.

The Drinagh board agreed to pay 0.5 cents per litre on milk supplied in 2018 where purchases from the Society were greater than 7.0 cents per litre and 0.25 cents per litre where purchases were less than 7.0 cents per litre and greater than 5.0 cents per litre. No bonus is paid where purchases are less than 5.0 cents per litre.

A bonus of €10.00 per tonne of fertilizer and €15.00 per tonne of compounded ruminant feed purchased in 2018 was approved and a bonus of €10.00 on mixes, €5.00 on pig feeds and €2.50 on straights.

Score Drinagh Spring Diets

14% Hi Maize

Our range of Hi Maize diets with Megalac are proving exceptionally popular among customers. The 19% and 17% diets were available during the early Spring and the diet will now reduce to a 14% for the breeding season. Milk protein is directly linked to energy in the cow’s diet and the Hi Maize 14% is designed to maximise milk protein output from spring calvers. Contains Megalac to improve milk yield, fertility and body condition. Fertility booster mineral and cal-mag included. Balanced for 3kg feeding.

Score Super Graze plus Rumbuff & Yeast

Super Graze is a 15% diet (this will drop to 14% when grass growth takes off). Contains a high level of maize – the most suitable cereal to feed on a grass-based diet. High digestible fibre levels and a rumen buffer included to support rumen function – reducing the risk of acidosis and low milk-fat syndrome on low fibre lush spring grass. This is helpful towards eliminating acidosis/looseness that can lead to digestive complications. Fertility booster mineral and cal-mag included. Balanced for 3kg feeding.

Score 16% Dairy Nut

A proven diet that works in all conditions. High inclusion of cereal, including maize and added digestible fibre to help maintain rumen function on high quality spring grass. It is particularly useful when grass growth is poor and higher levels of meal feeding are required. Cal-mag included and balanced for 3kg feeding.

Score Fertility Booster Nut (this will be available shortly)

An ideal diet for incorporating a fertility booster mineral and cal-mag when feeding levels fall to 2kgs per head per day. Maize based with protein at 14%. Added trace elements ensuring that cows daily requirements are met at lower feeding rates. Trace elements play a vital role in production and fertility during the breeding season. Balanced for 2kg feeding.

Drinagh Brochures

Grass Seed Mixtures 2019

The Weed Control Guide () and the Drinagh Grass Seed brochure for 2019 () are included in this month’s statement.

The grass seed brochure gives the varieties that make up the Drinagh grass seed mixes for 2019. When considering soil type and future use of the reseed it is essential to select the right mix to get the best results for your farm. This information will help you to select the Drinagh grass seed mixture that best suits your needs.

The weed control guide gives information on what weeds each product will target, application rates, water rates and stock withhold periods. For further information on specific weed issues contact Tim/Darren

Sustainable Use of Pesticides

From January 1st 2019, the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine require the seller of professional-use herbicides to record the herd number or professional user number of each customer buying herbicides. Please have your herd number/ professional user number available when purchasing chemicals, otherwise the sale will be declined.

TCMs and Chlorine

The use of chlorine-based detergents are receiving increased focus in the last number of years. We are familiar with the Trichloromethane (TCM) level of 0.0015 mg/kg or less threshold for the German Butter market, the level acceptable in final product for infant formulae is lower at 0.0010 mg/kg or less.

To put it simply TCMs are formed when milk and chlorine from the detergent come in to contact.

What are the solutions?

Option 1: Ensure that you wash procedure is correct so that milk residues in the plant/tank and chlorine in the detergent wash do not come in to contact.


RINSING is the key - Rinsing the plant correctly after milking and after detergent wash with 3 gallons of rinse water per unit (adequate wash up trough size is essential to ensure the plants is rinsed thoroughly).

Ensure adequate rinse volumes in the milk tank and /or rinse down the milk tank after collection so that any milk fraught is washed away before the wash cycle.

Option 2: Use chlorine free detergent


Chlorine free detergents - will have the biggest impact when avoiding TCMs. However, chlorine is an excellent cleaner and we recommend the first place to start with chlorine free detergents is in the bulk tank. The bulk tank is easier to clean than your milk plant.

Other Measures:

  1. Use detergents with 3.5% chlorine or less. Some detergents on the market can have a chlorine content as high as 11%.
  2. Using the required volume of detergent only and do not reuse the detergent solution more than once.
  3. Use Peracetic Acid (cluster x /Serpent) in the final rinse of the plant and tank. The peracetic acid will bind with any TCMs and form a salt that will be carried off in the rinse water. Peracetic acid will also reduce the requirement to descale the plant/ tank from weekly to monthly.

For more information contact Tim/Darren.


  • Drinagh 2018 Trading Bonuses announced
  • Weed Control Guide & Grass Seed brochure included in this months accounts