January 2018 Monthly Management

Spring Fertiliser Advice, 19% Hi Maize Dairy Nut, Drinagh Supreme Cooked Calf Muesli, Spring Agri Promotion 2018

15 January 2018

Spring Fertiliser Advice



Over the coming days and weeks, fertiliser programmes will be starting on many farms in the Drinagh area. The timing and rate of N will depend on many factors such as location, soil conditions, temperature and length of growing season.

  • Apply Nitrogen when soil temperatures reach 6-7 ?C (when grass will begin to grow).
  • Check forecast and ensure at least 48 hours reasonable weather after application (i.e. rainfall less than 10mm will help Urea move into the soil and reduce N losses through volatilisation).
  • Aim to apply 23 units/ac in the first application when conditions allow.
  • Urea may be safer than ammonium nitrate based fertilisers (i.e. C.A.N.) for early N applications because there will be less nitrate-N, which is prone to leaching, in the soil.
  • Wait at least 3 months after liming before applying Urea.
  • Wait 10 days after slurry application before applying Urea.
  • Target most productive swards/recently reseeded fields with early Nitrogen to get the best response.


Cattle slurry is a valuable source of N, P & K and performs best when applied in optimum conditions in the spring.

  • Aim to spread on fields with the lowest grass covers or paddocks that you don’t intend on grazing within the next six weeks.
  • 1,000 gallons of cattle slurry equates to approx. the same value of one bag of 5-7-30.
  • Target some low P and K soils with slurry before or after the first grazing round to maximise the efficiency of slurry nutrients.


When weather and ground conditions allow, try to get fertiliser out as soon as possible. Aim to spread 30% of the farm with slurry and the remainder with at least 23 units of nitrogen. The earlier these are applied, the greater amount of grass that will be available.

19% Hi Maize Dairy Nut

The ideal starting diet for freshly calved cows

This feed is formulated with maize as the top ingredient. As well as being a high energy ingredient, the inclusion of maize over other cereals reduces the risk of digestive upsets and acidosis. Maize is also the best cereal to supply glucose to the freshly calved cow. This is important in terms of preventing ketosis and supporting production.

The High Maize 19% Dairy Nut contains Megalac, a protected fat that increases energy density and supply while also maintaining condition in a crucial period during early lactation. Quite often, cows are exposed to an ‘energy gap’ at this time. This is when they cannot not eat sufficient dry matter to meet the demands for milk production that is rising rapidly (see image below). Supplementing with a quality feed such as the Hi Maize 19% Nut will help to bridge this energy gap.

Many studies have also demonstrated the benefits of Megalac in terms of increased production and fertility.

Quality sources of protein are added which are essential for production, feed intake and overall health of the cow in early lactation.

This feed is fortified with the essential vitamins and trace elements delivering a health package that is crucial to the freshly calved cow.

Drinagh Supreme Cooked Calf Muesli

The highest quality calf starter available to feed to your calves

This superior quality calf muesli will give your calves the best possible start. The finest ingredients are cooked, flaked and seamlessly blended to ensure palatability and stimulate uptake of feed by young calves. Higher intakes will ensure higher performance in the first 8 weeks and lead to a smoother weaning transition.

Fortified with Bioplex trace elements, Vitamin E and B Vitamins which collectively support immunity and maximise performance.

Yea-Sacc live yeast is included to aid digestion and reduce the risk of digestive upsets.

Feeding Drinagh Supreme Cooked Calf Muesli assures:

  • Excellent Palatability
  • Improved intake
  • Enhanced performance
  • Optimum Rumen Development

Drinagh Supreme Cooked Calf Muesli will be available in Drinagh branches from mid-February. Introductory offers will apply during the Spring Agri Promotion.

Spring Agri Promotion 2018

This promotion concluded on 16th March, 2018.