April 2017 Monthly Management

Synchronisation in Heifers, 10% Off All Tail Paint, Ecosyl™ Silage Additive

2 May 2017

Synchronisation in Heifers

Synchronisation is an excellent way of increasing the number of heifers served to Artificial Insemination (A.I.) with minimum heat detection.

There are huge advantages of synchronization;

  1. All heifers will be served within a short period of time
  2. Repeats will occur in short proximity- facilating heat detection
  3. Higher numbers of heifers will calve in February. This will also give them the best chance of calving in February for their second & third lactation and ensure longer survival in the herd.

Heifers can be served to high EBI, daughter proven easy calving sires – to reduce any potential problems next spring and produce early born, well bred high EBI replacements next year.

For a synchronisation programme to be successful ensure that all heifers are:

  1. Meeting the minimum target weights, however if heifers are within 20-30kg of target kgs breed them at the start, avoid delaying them 3 weeks and recover the extra kg during the breeding season.
  2. On a rising plane of nutrition. Reducing nutrition during the breeding season will result in lower conception rates.
  3. Ensure all vaccines have been received prior to the breeding season
  4. In a socially stable group, avoid mixing heifers during breeding
Breed Target Weight
Holstein Friesian 330kg
British Friesian/NZ Friesian 315kg
First cross Jersey x Holstein Friesian 295kg

Cost effective Synchronisation protocol for heifers

Note: If lower than 30% of heifers bred after the 1st 7 days investigation is required - avoid Prostaglandin (PG as it is unlikely to be successful). Other issues may be present – heifers not cycling/ poor heat detection.

Monday 24th April Day 1 - 7 A.I heifers on heat. Will get 1/3 of heifer bred this week.
Monday 1st May Day 7 - 8 Inject PG to the remaining 2/3 of heifers not bred. (New syringe & needle, preferably dry skin)
Tues – Thurs 2nd - 5th May A.I heifers when on heat. Majority will be on heat 48-72 hours post injection. Be extra vigilant at this time
Friday 12th May Day 18 Re Inject all heifers not bred with PG – 11days post the 1st injection. Should be very few heifers.
Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th May A.I heifers when on heat or 72 and 96 hours post 2nd PG injection.

PG: Prostaglandin – Estrumate, Lutalyse, Enzaprost Prescription only medicines

10% Off All Tail Paint

Offer runs from April 20th 2017 to May 27th 2017.

Ecosyl™ Silage Additive

With 2017 silage season fast approaching, there is a growing awareness among farmers to produce the highest quality silage possible. Silage quality will have an impact on animal performance as it represents such a large proportion of the diet, i.e. winter milk production, dry cow nutrition, growing cattle and beef diets. The main factors that will influence the eventual quality of your silage include: cutting date, clamp management, dry matter content and weed control. In addition to these factors, using a recognized silage additive such as Ecosyl™ will allow you to maximize the nutritional value of the original forage through fast and improved fermentation.

Ecosyl™ products are one of the world's leading companies involved in silage additives. Using their own patented production technology, the range of silage additives includes the well known silage inoculants Ecosyl™ 100, which contains MTD/1, the unique high performance strain of Lactobacillus plantarum.

MTD/1 Lactobacillus plantarum.

This is a highly efficient producer of lactic acid compared to other strains of bacteria/innoculants in the market, even when grass sugars are low and in difficult weather conditions. This efficient production of lactic acid aids in the fermentation process and will ultimately lead to better quality silage. MTD/1 bacteria has proven to operate across a wider range of pH and dry matters, enabling the user to maximize its use across an array of conditions.


The Ecosyl™ silage additive range is recognized by experts worldwide as the world’s most proven inoculants. This claim is supported by data from over 200 independent trials across 30 years of research.

Results from these trials have shown that MTD/1 bacteria strains found in Ecosyl™ products have proven to:

  • Increase milk yield by 1.2 litres/cow/day
  • And extra 3% in ‘D’ value in grass silage compared to untreated silage
  • 5% higher intakes in beef diets when forage is treated with MTD/1
  • Growing cattle on silage treated with Ecosyl™ showed an 11% increase in live weight gain in comparison to a similar group of cattle on untreated silage.

Ecosyl™ 100 can be applied in liquid or powder form and is compatible with most applicators.

Contact your local branch or sales representative for further information.