Hi Spec Pre-Calver Mineral

For the ultimate start to the lactation

20 January 2015

Why feed pre-calver minerals

Getting a good start to lactation lays the foundation for a productive, healthy and fertile lactation.

With 80% of all disease incidences for dairy cows occurring within 3 weeks of calving, this really is the point at which many battles are won or lost.

Feeding a high quality mineral is a crucial part of your plan for success during the next year. It is also one of the easiest and cheapest things to do to get your cows on track for a productive, healthy and fertile lactation!

Drinagh Hi-Spec Mineral includes

  1. Protected trace elements : Superior availability to the cow – ultimate reassurance
    - Zinc – Hoof and skin strength
    - Copper – Fertility / Health
    - Selenium – Health and Immunity
  2. Ultimate support for a healthy immune system:
    - Super levels of vitamin E
    - The most important vitamin to support health and immunity
    - Selenium in its most usable form
    - Needed to recycle vitamin E and support health and immunity
  3. The correct mineral balance to help curb milk fever:
    - Super Magnesium level and correct Sodium and Phosphorous balance
    - For a superb start to the lactation

Feeding for best results

  • Feeding rate: 125 – 150g per head per day
  • Crucial: feed right the way through the dry period for best results!
  • For a 60d dry period, one cow will need 9kg
  • For every 10 cows order 5 bags

Co (carbonate) 98.3 mg, Cu (glycinate) 1500 mg, Cu (sulphate) 2000 mg, I (Ca-iodate) 500 mg, Mn (oxide) 3000 mg, Se (Na-selenite) 50 mg, Se (Selium) 25 mg ,Zn (glycinate) 1500 mg,Zn (oxide) 3000 mg