October 2014 Newsletter

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17 October 2014

Milk Price

The milk price for the month of September is the same as last month – 33.14 cents per litre (150.654 cents per gallon) at 3.60 % butterfat and 3.30 % protein, including a bonus of 0.50 cents per litre for a Somatic Cell Count of less than 200,000 and including VAT at 5.0%.

Milk Supply

The milk supply for the month of September was 13,754,090 litres (3,025,470 gallons) with an average butterfat of 4.23% and an average protein of 3.71%.

This represents an increase of 587,138 litres (129,154 gallons) on butterfat adjusted supply compared to September 2013.

The Co-Op was 8.94% over quota at the end of the September.

The Department estimates that the country was 6.94% over quota at the end of September.

Super Levy on Account

At the current quota position and supply levels all milk suppliers above and below 350,000 litres quota are seriously at risk of a Super Levy penalty when they fill their annual quota.

As a result the Society will begin on account deductions at a rate of 15 cents per litre from suppliers who have filled their annual quota.

These deductions will begin in January for December statements.

National Dairy Conference

The National Dairy Conference will take place in Morans Red Cow Hotel on Wednesday the 19th of November.

The Conference will cover three main themes:

  • Market opportunities for the Irish dairy sector to 2025
  • Management of risk in a post-quota environment
  • On-farm efficiencies required to drive profitability at farm level.

Sensitivity Testing


It is not possible to tell which bacteria are responsible for infections by looking at milk, udders or somatic cell counts – you actually have to grow the bacteria present in the milk to know for sure.

By correctly identifying the problem causing bacteria within your herd the correct tubes can be selected that will be most effective at curing any infections.

These milk cultures are recommended whenever a herd problem emerges – either more clinical cases than acceptable or a rising SCC.

Samples from cows with clinical cases during lactation can be taken and stored in a freezer for up to 4 months before being sent for analysis.

For fresh samples it is important that samples are received by the lab within 24 hours of the sample being taken. Sterile sample collection is the most important step for successful culturing of milk. Poor technique may give misleading results. Only a small amount of milk is required for culture – trying to get a large sample increases the chance of contamination.

AHI laboratories Shinagh in Bandon carry out sensitivity analysis, for further information contact AHI in Shinagh @ 023 8854100.

Dairy Herd Health Conference


The Animal Health Dairy Conference is taking place in Corrin Mart, Fermoy on Thursday 23rd October.

Topics include Heifer rearing, Mastitis Control, Genetics, Lameness and Bio Security.

Booking is essential so call 071 9671928 to book your place.

New Appointment

Michael Galvin

Drinagh are proud to announce the appointment of Michael Galvin to our stores division. Michael is from Dunmanway and has 7 years experience working in the agri retail sector. He has also spent time in both New Zealand and Scotland working as a farm manager.

He is available to assist on all agricultural related queries from grassland inputs to animal health. Michael also specialises in shed and building quotations including the supply of materials from start to finish.

Michael is available in the Drinagh Central Hardware at 028 30800 or 086 3697277.

Agri Workshop

Drinagh Co-Op is hosting an Agri Work Shop on Thursday 13th of November in the West Cork Hotel, Skibbereen from 2.00pm to 9.00pm.

This is a great opportunity for farmers to avail of FREE information on a range of Agri related issues. Speak to our dedicated Sales Representatives, Teagasc and other experts for free advice, information and demonstrations on a range of products & services.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Annual Agreed Volume
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Winter Feeding and Forage
  • Herd Health with Dr. Doreen Corridan
  • Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS)
  • Farm Safety
  • And a range of other topics

There will also be a selection of trade stands in attendance including:

  • Dairy Hygiene
  • Veterinary Products
  • And much more

Complimentary refreshments will be provided.

All are welcome to attend.

Cell Check Farm Handbook

Animal Health Ireland (AHI) has produced a book on farm guidelines for mastitis control.

This comprehensive book covers all areas of mastitis control throughout the year from calving, late lactation, drying off to the dry period.

The cost of the book is €15 and anyone interested in a copy should contact the central office.


Drinagh Agri Workshop Thursday 13th of November

SDAS Bonus of €6,533 paid to certified SDAS members on September milk supplies