May 2014 Newsletter

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16 May 2014

Milk Price

The milk price for the month of April is the same as last month- 39.46 cents per litre (179.4 cents per gallon ) at 3.60% butterfat, 3.30% protein and including 0.50 cents per litre Summer Somatic Cell Count bonus and VAT @ 5.0 %.

Milk Supply

The milk supply for the month of April was 18,616,414 litres (4,095,053 gallons) with an average butterfat of 3.84% and an average protein of 3.25 %.

This represents an increase of 3,055,977 litres (672,223 gallons) on butterfat adjusted supply compared to April 2013. The Co-Op was approximately 13.98 % over quota at the end of the April.

Temporary leasing 2014/2015 First Stage

    The price payable for the leased quota is fixed at 2 cent per litre. The closing date for applications is Friday, 20th June, 2014.
    A second stage of this scheme will have a fixed price of 1cent per litre and a closing date for applications of 9th January, 2015. The second stage is completely separate from the first stage and fresh applications will be required from all intending participants at that time.

Quota holders who wish to temporary lease quota into the scheme should contact the Central Office for an application form.

Application forms (Yellow forms) to apply for quota from the scheme are included with this month’s statements.

Carbery Bonus

The Carbery bonus of 0.5 cents per litre plus VAT on 2013 milk supply already announced is paid in this month’s accounts.

Carbery Milk Quality Awards 2013

The top three milk suppliers nominated for the 2013 Carbery Milk Quality Awards by Drinagh based on butterfat, protein, T.B.C. and S.C.C. results are

Adrian O’Driscoll, Maulathrane, Leap

Kieran O’Sullivan, Dunmanus, Toormore

Michael Og Crowley, Bauravilla, Skibbereen

The overall winner of the competition will be announced later in the month.

National Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme

Bord Bia Quality Assurance SchemeThe National Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) was launched in December 2013 by Minister Simon Coveney and came in to operation in January 2014.

The Scheme will offer significant benefits to the Society and its suppliers. It will help secure new customers and markets for our expanding dairy output. On that basis we encourage all Milk Suppliers to become participants in the Scheme by completing the Bord Bia SDAS application form that is included in this months accounts. On receipt of the completed application form, an information pack can be collected from the central office or arranged to be sent to you explaining the Scheme and a check list for audit preparation.
A suitable audit date can then be arranged with the certified Bord Bia inspector.

Given the importance of the Scheme to the society and its Members the Board has approved a 0.15 cent per litre bonus to all Drinagh milk suppliers who sign up as participants of the scheme and are successfully audited.
The bonus will be paid on successful completion of the Farm Audit and will be back dated to the date of application. Forms already submitted to the co-op by suppliers will be eligible for the bonus from the date the application form was received on the successful completion of the audit.

Water Testing

The co-op is currently carrying out water testing on all suppliers. Samples are being taken from suppliers on a lorry by lorry basis, with the aim of having a water test for each supplier by the end of June 2014. A water test result is also required to meet the standards of the Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme and the water report should be filed away safely. In the event of a positive result for bacteria please contact the co-op if you require further information.

Carbery Shares - Reminder

The Carbery shares trading window is now open and will remain open until the end of May 2014. Each share is now valued at €1.77. Any suppliers that are unsure about their share situation or want to purchase shares please contact the share scheme co-ordinator in Carbery on 023 8822318 or Seamus Daly/ Tim Regan for more information. This will be the last chance to purchase shares before quotas are abolished in April 2015.

Agricultural Advisor

Tim Regan

Drinagh Co-op is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Regan as agricultural advisor. Tim is available to assist on all agricultural related matters from grassland management, animal nutrition / husbandry, milk quality to financial issues.

He is currently closely involved with the Bord Bia Dairy Assurance Scheme. Tim hails from Ballydehob and graduated from UCD with a Masters in Agricultural Science.

He is contactable in the Drinagh office at 028 30800 or 086 8241635.-1131570-922020


Carbery bonus of 0.5 cent per litre on 2013 milk supply

Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme bonus of 0.15 cent per litre