December 2014 Newsletter

Milk Price

The milk price for the month of November has been reduced by 1.5 cents per litre. This brings the price to 31.95 cents per litre (145.244 cents per gallon) at 3.60% butterfat and 3.30% protein, including a bonus of 0.88 cents per litre for a Somatic Cell Count of less than 200,000 and including VAT at 5.0%.

Milk Supply

The milk supply for the month of November…

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The Greener Dairy Farms in Northern Ireland

Last month, the Greener Dairy Farms Group visited Northern Ireland. While there, the group visited the AFBI Hillsborough Research Centre and the Blakiston Houston Estate which both had working anaerobic digesters, the former, for research purposes and the latter, very much for commercial reasons. The Group hoped to discover how this technology might compliment a dairy farm but were surprised…

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