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A quality range of feed for ewes and lambs.
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About Drinagh Score Sheep Feeds

For a variety of reasons, sheep play an important economic role on many farms in West Cork. Drinagh has a long history of supplying a quality range of feed for ewes (pre and post lambing) and also for young and finishing lambs. Nutrition before lambing has a significant effect on ewe health and milking ability post lambing. It will also impact on lamb weight and viability. In the last 6 weeks of pregnancy the energy requirements of a ewe carrying twins increases by 60%.

At the same time their appetite is falling as the growing lambs take up more space. Quality feed at this stage will play a critical role for the ewe. At Score Drinagh Feeds we combine excellent sources of protein, carbohydrate, digestible fibre and minerals to ensure the requirements of the ewe are met. Formulations are kept consistent throughout the feeding season as changes close to lambing can cause significant digestive upsets.

When formulating feed for ewes we consider that concentrates can make up over 50% of the daily feed intake of ewes close to lambing. We then create our diets to ensure adequate energy intake while at the same time minimise digestive upsets.