Score Lamb & Hogget Nuts

Designed for growing, finishing and storing lambs and hoggets.

Product details

  • Excellent blend of carbohydrate, protein and energy for growing finishing and store lambs.
  • Contains Maize, an excellent high energy ingredient.
  • Can be used to finish at grass.
  • Can be used as an indoor finishing feed but for best indoor finishing results the Intensive Lamb Fattening nut would be the feed of choice.
  • Excellent feed to use on scarce grazing or where fodder quality is poor.
  • Lamb mineral included so it can be fed to mixed flocks including rams.
  • If feeding to pregnant ewes, they should be switched to 16% Ewe Nut or High Milk Ewe 4 weeks before lambing.

Suitable for

  • Feeding to all types of sheep over 4 months of age.

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