Score Hi Milk Ewe Nuts

Designed to optimise the weight of the lamb born, and ensure a good supply of milk for the newborn lamb/twins.

Product details

  • High Milk Ewe is designed to optimise the weight of the lamb and ensure a good supply of milk for the new born lamb.
  • Protected protein and Hipro Soya balance protein supply. This is important for lamb weight and milk supply for the young lamb. Protein is also important for colostrum quality and quantity.
  • Feed contains a high level of cereals, a source of readily digestible energy.
  • Maize is added as a source of by-pass starch. This improves glucose metabolism and can reduce the risk of twin lamb disease.
  • Carefully formulated with the addition of digestible fibre to minimise digestive upsets even where high feeding rates are fed.
  • Megalac is added to boost the energy of the feed. The addition of Megalac has been shown to improve lamb weight, viability and milk yield.
  • Excellent vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure a healthy ewe and a viable lamb at lambing.
  • Cal-mag included.
  • Phosphorus added to ensure strong bone in the lamb.

Suitable for

  • Feeding to ewes both pre- and post lambing.

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