Score Lamb Starter Pellets

An excellent starter pellet for young lambs when maximum performance is required.

Product details

  • High inclusion of quality cereal, coupled with digestible fibre and energy to maximise intake and daily gain.
  • Contains Megalac, a source of digestible protected fat to boost energy supply and increase daily gain in the young lamb.
  • Soya, the most digestible form of protein for young lambs, is the main source of protein in this pellet.
  • Contains yeast to improve feed intake, growth rates and minimise digestive upsets where intake is high.
  • A diuretic which aids the production of urine is added to minimise the risk of urinary calculi (stones).
  • Ensure that a clean potable source of water is available at all times.

Suitable for

  • Feeding as a starter feed to lambs from birth.
  • Feeding in a creep feeder system.

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