Score Beet Balancer

Balanced* for feeding to lactating cows where beet is fed at 15kg or more.

Product details

  • Score Beet Balancer balances protein, energy and minerals where beet is fed.
  • Imbalances of protein and minerals when feeding fodder beet can have a significant effect on production and fertility.
  • Contains high quality protein, mainly in the form of soya. This provides the essential amino acids which are important for intake and production.
  • Appropriate levels of macro minerals and trace elements to balance a beet based diet are incorporated.
  • Contains cereals and a balance of digestible fibre to minimize digestive upsets and scour where high levels of beet are fed.

*This separate formulation is manufactured to order, depending on the feeding system used on farm.

Suitable for

  • Lactating cows where beet is fed at 15kg or more.

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