Score Calf Pencils

An ideal starter pelleted feed to ensure the best possible start for young calves where pellets are preferred to muesli.

Product details

  • Manufactured from similar ingredients to Score Suckie Coarse Calf, Score Calf Pencils can be used as a starter feed or as a follow on feed to Score Suckie Coarse Calf.
  • 20% protein to ensure good growth, particularly in replacement heifers.
  • 3mm pencil to minimise waste and to maximise intake in young calves.
  • Excellent to use where birds are a problem.
  • Carefully formulated using highly digestible ingredients to maximise growth but also to minimise digestive upsets.
  • Yeast supports rumen development, increases growth rates, and reduces the risk of diarrhoea.
  • High levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins are included to support the immune system and ensure good development and strong bone formation.

Suitable for

  • Use as a starter or follow on feed for calves.

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