Score 16% Calf Nuts & Rummy Shield

The ideal summer calf feed to optimise growth rates.

Product details

What is RummyShield?

  • RummyShield is our new Hi-Spec calf premix additive.
  • Formulated to boost the calf's immune system through elevated levels of vitamin E and selenium.
  • B Vitamins are included to stimulate rumen function and maximise calf growth rates.
  • Devecell and Safmannan are included to;
    • Promote rumen development
    • Bind Pathogens
    • Boost the immune system
    • Aid Rumen stability
  • Extra strong buffers are included to aid fibre digestion to prevent cases of summer scours which are common in young calves.
  • Speciall developed flavours with a sweet milk aroma are included to promote feed intake and palatability.

Why Fed Drinagh 16% Calf Nuts with RummyShield?

  • Over the last few years Drinagh has put much attention to developing a feed suitable for calves during their first summer at grass.
  • Heifer calves are future herd on the farm and it is critical to provide them with a high plane of  nutrition at grass to ensure weight targets are met to calve down at 24 months of age.
  • To maximise growth rates in young stock concentration feed should be offered from an early age in order to stimulate good early rumen development.
  • When calves are young their ability to convert feed fed to weight gain is at its highest and the ability to do this diminishes as the animal gets older.
  • Drinagh 16% Calf Nuts with RummyShield ticks all the boxes when deciding what to supplement calves with for their first outdoor season.
  • This diet is high in energy from cereals such as maize and barley and it contains quality protein from soya bean meal to ensure good daily weight gains are achievable and a low feed rate when combined with high quality pasture.
  • Drinagh 16% Calf Nuts with RummyShield is available in bulk, mini-bulk and 25kg bags. 

Suitable for

  • Feeding to calves from 3 months of age.
  • Supplementing good quality grass or grass silage.

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