Score Drinagh Beef Munch

A new molassed coarse beef feed product that is part of our high-quality finishing range.

Product details

  • A new molassed coarse beef feed product that we are manufacturing on site is Drinagh Beef Munch, a coarse product similar to our Super Beef + Yeast Nut.
  • This is a high-quality finishing diet which contains a high cereal content including rolled Barley as well as flaked and ground Maize which are necessary to provide animals with the energy required for fast weight gain and to achieve the desired fat scores.
  • Buffers and yeast have been included as well as soya hulls to ensure this diet can be fed ad-lib which allows animals to reach a faster finish with a reduced risk of digestive upsets.
  • The addition of molasses will help to increase palatability and intakes to encourage good performance and weight gain.

Suitable for

  • Use for finishing feed for bulls, bullocks and heifers in indoor or outdoor feeding systems.
  • Suitable to fed in high quantities including ad-lib feeding.
  • Can be fed to dry cows over the dry cow period where cows need to increase BCS pre calving.
  • Where a high feeding level is desired, best practise is to start with 4kg/head/day and gradually increase feeding levels from here, when feeding greater than 4kg/head/day it is recommended to split feedings to a minimum of twice daily. 
  • Drinagh Beef Munch with molasses is only available in 25kg bags and in mini-bulk bags.

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