Agri Workshop 2017

When: Wednesday, 6th November 2017, 2.30pm to 9.00pm

Where: West Cork Hotel, Skibbereen

Topics covered:

  • Milk Supply Agreement and Annual Agreed Volume with creamery staff
  • Generator advice and information
  • Tom Curran, Farm Management Specialist with Teagasc on collaborative farming information (incl. Contract heifer rearing & farm partnerships)
  • Calf rearing…
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November 2017 Monthly Management

Forage Budgeting - What to do when short on forage

In many parts of the country fodder is scarce. For those who think they can scrape through, a late spring could cause problems and it is better to act now It is important that all farmers immediately assess their forage position, i.e. quality and quantity of silage stocks. To calculate quantity, measure the size of the pit – length x…

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